Ragwort Pulling


When cut and dried ragwort can cause an incredible risk to livestock. Despite some of the benefits it offers to wildlife, in most cases, it is important to consider proper management of ragwort on your paddock. Ragwort pulling is a practice that is one of the most effective in controlling ragwort, where necessary. 


Ragwort pulling ensures that the entire plant is removed, leaving no trace of the root in the ground, which would result in the growth of new plants. When undergoing ragwort pulling it is very important to take special care. This is why we offer a specialist ragwort pulling service. Helping paddock owners to remove ragwort completely and removing this from site, away from grazing animals.

The Dangers of Ragwort


Although horses aren't naturally drawn to eating ragwort there is the risk that they can eat this accidentally or if they have no other option. When dried and cut ragwort loses its bitterness, making it possible that a horse would eat and digest it without realising. The toxicity of ragwort is very dangerous when consumed and can cause major liver damage, disease and even death. 


This is why when managing a paddock where horses graze, ragwort is treated and removed properly. If ragwort begins to grow in a horse’s grazing area or is unknowingly cut and dried into bales of hay that is then fed to horses, it can be all too easy for a horse to digest this, putting their life in danger. Ragwort pulling is one of the most, if not the most, effective solution for efficiently clearing a paddock of this common weed.

The Responsibility to Control Ragworth


For landowners and equestrians knowing how to identify ragwort and control it are two essential aspects of proper paddock management. According to two government acts, The Weeds Act and The Control Of Ragwort Act, landowners are responsible for controlling the spread of ragwort on land where grazing occurs. Since this is such an important responsibility, it is recommended by The British Horse Society to access the necessary pasture or paddock maintenance services to properly deal with the growth of ragwort on your land.

Stop the Spread of Ragworth


To get a hold over the growth of ragwort on your pastures and to stop the spread in accordance with UK laws, give the team at Hampshire Paddock Management a call today.


Thanks to our professional experience in dealing with pasture maintenance and the control of ragwort, we can quickly identify ragwort growth and use our ragwort pulling method as a non-invasive but effective solution for removing ragwort from your land.