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Paddock Topping


Paddock topping is one of the essential elements of correct paddock maintenance. Grassland that regularly undergoes topping will appear healthy and of a high quality, while the grass continues to grow strong and durable. By topping your paddock you will notice a significant difference in the quality of your grass and the overall appearance of the land.


At Hampshire Paddock Management we can conduct paddock topping on your land with the helpful assistance of our professional tools and machinery, including our tractors that are the perfect size for accessing paddocks and small holdings.

Why You Should Practise Paddock Topping


Maintaining a quality pasture is not only useful for the appearance of your land but also the health of grazing animals and the quality of your grass. Ensuring weeds are kept to a minimum works to reduce the risk of diseases and pest problems. Keeping your paddock safe from such issues will guarantee a healthy and sustainable paddock that your animals can graze on without concern.


Using a tool like our flail mower, we can cut down the pieces of grass into very small pieces helping to regenerate the pasture and allow for a much faster turnaround. Getting your animals back to graze and your grass back to a high quality is our main priority. So, we therefore focus our attention on getting this task done in an efficient and timely manner that results in the best and fastest results for our clients.

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Paddock Mowing

Mowing is another important element of pasture management. Our team can complete general mowing of your grassland with the right tools to ensure a quality finish. We always suggest mowing not only to improve the appearance of your paddock but also for weed control and to enhance the quality of your grass. By mowing the grass sward to a particular height we can manage the growth of weeds in your paddock, reducing the risk of potential diseases within your pasture and for your horses.
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Paddock Topping & Mowing Services

If you would like to discuss paddock topping with our team in more detail, simply contact us. We are available to explain the process and offer more information, should you have any questions about our paddock management services.