Hampshire Paddock Management.

Field Rotavating


At Hampshire Paddock Management we offer professional field rotavating services to landowners across the Hampshire region. Our team of experienced operators use our range of state-of-the-art machinery to break up compacted soil, remove weeds and debris, and prepare the ground for seeding or planting.


One of the most efficient ways of preparing the ground for planting, rotavating is another key service we offer as part of our paddock management and pasture maintenance services.


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The Benefits of Rotavating


Rotovating has many benefits for fields, including:

    • Improving drainage
    • Aerating the soil
    • Breaking up compacted soil
    • Removing weeds and debris
    • Preparing the ground for seeding or planting
    • Improving the health of the soil

By ensuring that rotavating is done alongside other pasture maintenance like ploughing and harrowing, you can be certain that your pasture is prepared for growth. Over time you will see a significant increase in crop yield and an improvement in the quality of your soil, grass, crops and plants.

About our service

Field Maintenance Services

Continued maintenance and management of your fields is important for encouraging healthy growth and minimising risks associated with common weeds. For those who have animals grazing this is also significantly vital for the health of livestock. Alongside our other maintenance and management services, rotavating is key to the overall appearance and quality of your land. For small holdings, private land, and paddocks across the Hampshire region, our team is available with all the professional machinery and equipment to carry out field rotavating for you to the highest standard. To discuss our services further and get booked into the diary, get in touch with the team today.