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Dung Sweeping

Professional dung sweeping services for your field or paddock


With our own machinery and tools we can enter your paddock and carry out dung sweeping services, so you don’t have to.


Completing horse dung sweeping in no time, our tools make it easy for us to clear your paddock of poo quickly and efficiently. Leaving the paddock looking its best and your pasture free to grow.

About our service

Reasons to poo pick your paddock


It might not be the nicest or most enjoyable job in the world, but picking poo in your paddock provides a number of benefits for your paddock and your animals. Helping to maintain quality land and ensuring equine health for grazing horses.

Our dung sweeping services will ensure your paddock is protected against parasites like worms, which will increase in numbers if the pasture is left untreated. Pesky flies can be kept to a minimum, which will not only be irritating to you but also to your horses, and the paddock itself will look and certainly smell a whole lot better. Making your paddock an inviting and enjoyable place for both you and your horses to enjoy. What’s more the pasture will have room to grow, providing your horses with the very best grazing spots for their health and nutrition.

Hampshire Paddock Management.

More About Us

Working with Hampshire Paddock Management takes the job of poo picking from your busy life and hands this over to a professional and experienced team. We will be able to get the poo picking job done in no time. Ensuring your paddock is well-kept and thoroughly treated. Plus, with a clean paddock to work with, we can make suggestions to you for the regular maintenance of your paddock to guarantee a good quality pasture. Once your paddock is clear of horse dung, you can enlist our team to carry out any of our other paddock management services, including general mowing, paddock rolling, paddock sweeping, and more.

About our company

Dung Sweeping Services


Our paddock management services cover the wide area of Hampshire and beyond. Visiting farms, paddocks, and small holdings throughout the southern region, our team can travel to you with all the necessary equipment, tools and machinery to get the job done.


To arrange dung sweeping services for your horse paddock in the local area, simply get in touch with Hampshire Paddock Management today.